Privacy Policy

Privacy of our visitor to us is extremely important. collect visitors personal as well other information like type of browser, Operating System, Mobile service provider, Location etc. Some other information may be collected and use for some purposes.

Why do we collect information

Information of a reader is use for different reasons . Specially for the welfare of the visitors and worldyhealth.

  1. Your information is use to personalize your experience on worldyhealth blog.
  2. Your information is use to improve the look and feel of our blog.
  3.  To administer a contest, promotion, survey or other site features.

Cookies :

Cookies is a string of information stored in users Computer/device. Cookies is use to identify and track visitors activities. Users can opt for cookies ( allow site ) or deny. Visitors can deny store of cookies in their browser by enabling refuse​ cookies in their browser settings. Cookies is an optional information stored in users device for better experience of worldyhealth readers.

Advertising :

You may see Google ads on our blog. Google ads uses your information to service better ads and target ads.
Google ads store cookies in users Computer to service better ads and improve ads serving to users.

Third party links :

Sometimes you may see some third party links. Third party links like affiliated links, Files link to an external location over the internet, Links to other page and website. Those links are included in worldyhealth to provide additional information to the readers and for the better experience of worldyhealth readers. Those external links may have their on privacy policy, which we are not concerned and we are not responsible for any wrong happen by following those links. Nonetheless we seek to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.

Change to our privacy policy :

We may decide to change our privacy policy with changing of time . All the changes will be announced in this page. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of a reader to be aware of the change and to check this page time to time.

Contact us :

We always welcome your suggestion and feedback. So if you have any questions or suggestions or feedback , do contact us by visiting our contact us page.