How can you tell if an Online Pharmacy or Doctor is Safe?

How can you tell if an Online Pharmacy or Doctor is Safe?
Written by awaisgul
By now, most net-savvy citizens will know that there has been a proliferation of online pharmacies and medical services. Regretfully, not all of these are safe to use. There have been horror stories about people being given unsuitable, unsafe, or even ‘fake’ medication without prescription online.
But what if you simply want to get some fairly routine meds such as your contraceptive pill? What if you want to ask medical questions and get a response from a real doctor? Are there ways of knowing that an online doctor is for real? Can you enjoy the convenience of the internet when it comes to medical matters?

Here’s what you should look out for:

1. Prescription meds require prescriptions!

If a website offers you medications that you know require a prescription on a ‘no prescription’ basis, you are playing with fire if you support it. Not only is this completely illegal, but you place yourself at risk. If anything goes wrong, you will have absolutely no recourse – unless you can track down the website owners – and they’re pretty good at covering their tracks.
A reputable online clinic service will help you to get a proper prescription for all prescription medications – as they should – and they won’t try to sell you the meds.

2. You will have access to a registered doctor

Any doctor providing prescriptions online in Ireland must be registered with the Irish Medical Council. Online doctors can help you with certain of the safer medications such as contraceptive pills, acne treatments, treatments for Cystitis and medications for ED.
As with any medical consultation, you must be careful to answer all questions in full so that the doctor can determine whether there is any risk to you and whether you may need to have an in-person consultation with your regular GP. Getting prescriptions online can be done safely, but you do need to discuss your medical history with a doctor.

3. The site doesn’t try to sell you ‘Cheap Generics from India’ through the mail

While there is nothing wrong with generics when they are properly manufactured and prescribed, many bogus online pharmacies claim to offer ‘cheap generics from India’ or other third world countries via mail order. Even if these medicines are genuine (and they often aren’t), you do need to know that your meds have been manufactured in line with EU standards.
There have been stories of placebos, or worse yet, dangerous, expired drugs being sold through these so-called ‘pharmacies’. And it’s important to know that mail order medications are strictly illegal in Ireland. doesn’t try to ‘sell’ you drugs. Your prescription is sent to your nearest pharmacy, and you can be sure of getting genuine medicine.

4. Online medical questions are answered by a real doctor

Most bogus online services have dodgy customer service and no qualified medical professionals on their staff. Make sure that you know the name of the doctor who is advising you, and get the all-important Irish Medical Council registration number so that you can know that you are talking to a medical professional and not a pill-peddler. Your local pharmacy will also check all prescriptions to ensure that they are genuine – so you’re safe if you handle getting online prescriptions in the right way.


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